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Expert guidance through times of uncertainty.

Storm Damage Assistance: Services



  • Pre-storm Planning

    • Shortages in materials, labor, support services, and logistics account for the majority of after-the-storm issues. Preemptively identifying and addressing weak points in your disaster supply chain can put your mind to ease before and after the storm.

  • Storm Damage Automatic Response Team

    • Eliminate coordination during the hectic aftermath of a storm with a precontracted dedicated team to assess, address and assist with a path forward.

  • Roof Component Analysis

    • Can your currently installed assemblies weather the storm? Improper design, improper installation, and prior storm exposures can lead to costly failures. Roof component analysis utilizes facility-provided installation documentation, inspection services, and testing to verify your roof assemblies can keep you covered.


  • Storm Damage Response Team

    • During the hectic aftermath of a storm, having a dedicated team to assess, address and assist with a path forward saves both time and money.

  • Assembly Damage Assessment

    • While complete blow-offs and sizeable hail impacts may be obvious signs of damage, other indicators may be less discernible. Thorough inspections and assembly testing after the fact can reveal additional injuries that can lead to an abbreviated useful assembly life or future catastrophic failures.

  • Emergency Repair/Temporary Assembly Design Assistance

    • In the aftermath of a storm, when many contractors are short on time and materials, emergency repairs are often off the cuff. Design assistance lends an additional perspective to the initial recovery plan to increase the probability the repair survives through to the permanent correction.

  • Warranty Wind Rider Recertification

    • Your roof is intact after the storm, but is your warranty? When winds exceed your warranty rider, manufacturer guarantees go out the window. Requalification assembly inspection and testing put your long-term safety net back in place.

Storm Damage Assistance: Resume
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